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Frequently Asked Questions

UpdatedWednesday November 3, 2021 byTara Parra.

Lago Vista Youth Basketball League  FAQs



What is the cut-off age to be in this program?

This program ends at grade six when your child is ready to move on to the middle school basketball program. 


What age divisions do you offer?

  • Kinder Division- 4 - 6 years old

  • Rookie Division-1st and 2nd grade

  • Junior Division-3rd and 4th grade

  • Senior Division -5th and 6th grade


How old does my child have to be to play?

All children registered for kindergarten as of September 1st can register to play.  You will have to show proof of registration. 




Do I have to have experience coaching basketball to volunteer?

While previous basketball experience is not a requirement it is encouraged.  Some familiarity with the game is preferred in order to provide kids with the best possible experience. We will equip you with a coaches packet (see below). 


What kind of coaching materials do you provide?

The League Commissioner will provide all coaches a coaching packet of expectations and all coaches will be required to attend a group practice where they will receive coaching techniques to assist them in coaching their team.  


What is the time commitment of a volunteer coach?

Practices range from one - two times per week depending upon player age.  

Individual Games will be scheduled one day per weekend.  Tournaments will be held on weekend days and will be determined upon schedule completion. 


If I am approved as a volunteer coach, will I be assigned to my child’s team?  

Yes, you will be assigned to your child’s team.  Specific roles will be decided by the Board of Directors i.e. Head Coach, Asst. Coach, Team Manager etc. 


How can I become a volunteer coach?

Register at www.lvybb.org. There will be a section that allows you to sign-up. Final decisions on coach, assistant coaches and volunteers will be after registration closes and once we finalize the number of children in each division. 




What equipment will my child need in order to play?

We encourage each child to purchase a practice ball that they can bring to each practice.  EAch child will need basketball shoes that are fundamentally designed to support the ankle.  Team uniforms will be handed out by coaches for rookie, junior and senior divisions.


What size of ball does my child need to bring? 

  • Kinder and Rookie 27.5 ball

  • Junior girls 27.5 ball

  • Junior boys 28.5 ball

  • Senior 28.5 ball


Can I pick the number for my child’s jersey?

Numbers will be assigned on a random basis unless otherwise communicated by the Lago Vista Youth Basketball League Board. 


How do I order my child’s jersey and shorts?

During registration you will input your child’s uniform size.  Check out the uniform sizing chart found under downloadable forms on the website. During group practice, your child will be able to try on sample uniforms to ensure appropriate size prior to placing the bulk order. All orders will be placed by the Lago Vista Youth Basketball board and provided to you by your coach prior to the first game. 


When do I get my child’s uniform? 

Uniforms will be handed out by coaches prior to the first game.




What are the goals of this program? 

Develop and improve each player as a basketball player.

Provide quality coaching and officiating to teach fundamental basketball.

Make sure each player learns, has fun and comes back again to play basketball!


Are there specific rules that Lago Vista Youth Basketball League abides by?

All rules are outlined by division in the by-laws and are available for your review at www.lvybb.org


Is this a recreational league or a select league?

Lago Vista Youth Basketball League is a recreational league which means every player that registers gets on a team.  


What is the difference?

Select teams have tryouts and only a few players are on the team.  The competition may be at a higher level and the coaches will typically be licensed and paid (although not always), offering a higher level of training.


What if my child needs a higher level of competition?  

If you are looking for additional competition, Magic Basketball Club (our partner) offers a higher level of competition. Contact their program and apply to register at  www.magicbasketballclub.com


Can I register them for an older division?

The answer is it depends. Typically, we try to keep all kids within their respective age groups. However, sometimes unique circumstances occur. In that case, please reach out to us on www.lvybb.org, Click on Contact Us, then the link for registration help.  We will review your request and respond with options, if available.   


What are the expectations of parents?

All parents will be expected to attend the group meeting at the beginning of the season.  All of the parent expectations are outlined in the code of conduct.  All parents are expected to read the code of conduct and sign their copy in order for their child to compete in the league. 


How do I contact my coach?

Your coach will reach out to you proactively once your child has been assigned to a team.  Communication will be outlined by each coach for each individual team.  Download the siplay app to communicate with your coach, view your schedule and get real time updates.  


Who can I contact to get answers to additional questions?

Contact the coach to set an appt.  If further clarification is needed contact the division commissioner. Finally, if you still need further clarification, please reach out to the President of the League, Tara Parra.


What if I have an issue with my child’s playing time or another issue relative to the team?

Contact the coach in order to set an appt.  If further clarification is needed, contact the division commissioner.  Finally, if you still need further clarification, please reach out to the President of the league, Tara Parra.




When does registration close?

November 5th unless otherwise communicated. 


How do I register my child to play?

Apply on-line at www.lvybb.org


How do I obtain the multi-child discount online?

This option will be offered during on-line registration at www.lvybb.org


When do practices start?

Typically, group practice is held a few days after registration ends which varies from year-to-year but typically takes place the second week of November. 


How are teams chosen?

Our commissioners for each division conduct a group practice to assess the fundamentals and capabilities of the children. From there, we will evenly distribute those children based on those findings to ensure fair and equal distribution using a typical “draft” process.  


How long will the program run?

This program runs from mid November until mid February unless otherwise communicated. 




What is the schedule during the season?

Typically, group practice is held a few days after registration ends which varies from year to year but typically takes place in early November. Games typically start in early December and go through mid February unless otherwise communicated. 


How many practices are there per week?

Teams will typically practice one day per week unless otherwise communicated.


When are the games?

Typically, games are played weekly on Saturdays and tournaments are played on weekend days as scheduled.


What schools do we play?

Schools that we play will change year to year.  Examples include Summit Christian, Heart of Texas, Liberty Hills, Sterling Christian, and Magic.


How many tournaments will the kids be a part of?

Kinder and Rookie divisions may not be a part of tournaments.  Junior and Senior Divisions typically play tournaments during the season and these dates will be announced at the beginning of the season unless otherwise communicated.


Are refs provided for all age groups?

This league provides referees for the Junior and Senior division.  Coaches will referee Kinder and Rookie divisions. 




Am I obligated to purchase pictures taken on picture day?  

There is no obligation to purchase pictures but we do encourage your children to participate so that you can be part of the team photos. 


How do I order them?

Ordering information will be distributed on group practice day.